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Chef's Special

Truffle Japanese Scallop Sashimi

Hanami Style Sushi Tacos

3 different kinds of sushi tacos (hard shell)

fresh tuna /salmon / albacore (w/special sauce & veggies)

Mozuku (Japanese fresh pondsweed)

w/ponzu & fresh tuna & mountain potato

Truffle Japanese Scallop Sashimi

from Hokkaido Japanese scallop sashimi w/sliced truffle & truffle oil & truffle salt

Honey Lemon Mango / Salmon Sashimi

fresh salmon wrapped fresh sliced mango w/ honey lemon and tobiko caviar


Tai (Japanese red snapper) Carpaccio

hot oil seared thin sliced fresh tai / grape tomatoes  and jalapeno

Home Made Yellow tail Wonton Soup

Hanami Style Dynamite

Albacore Sashimi W/Crispy Onion

Albacore - Spinach

abacore sashimi and baby spinach w/garlic butter sauce

Yellow Tail Yuza / Jalapeno

yellow tail sashimi, youzupaste, and jalapeno w/citrus sauce

Yellow Tail Shishito

yellow tail sashimi, fried shishito w/soy wasabi sauce

Blue Crab Tower

blue crab, smelt egg, and avocado w/soy-olive sauce

Pink Pepper Corn Halibut Sashimi

fresh halibut sashimi w/pink pepper and yuzu soy sauce

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